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February 24, 2015

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Keep Your Existing Number | Forward Calls to ANY Phone | No Equipment to Buy | No Contracts

With NumberFLY, you can purchase local phone numbers and forward calls directly to your office, home, cell phone, tablet or any mobile device. You can even forward the phone number to ring on your computer or home phone with no additional cost. No Limit to the number of local telephone numbers in any area code. Release the untapped potential of your mobile phone. Are you thinking of adding an extra phone line for craigslist, business, or acquaintances? NumberFLY believe’s your personal phone number should remain just that personal. Let NumberFLY provide you with a public number. You can close the line and open a new number at any time changing your number in minutes.. Your possibilities are endless, a number you can keep or discard, keeping your real phone number safe and secure.

NumberFLY local phone numbers allow you to tap into regional markets with real phone numbers.

Step 1

Create a free account at NumberFLY


Pick your phone number.


Enter your forwarding number.


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Do Business Anywhere. Say hello to the modern mobile office.

Business numbers to any device, landline or computer.


A phone service for you and your start -up team that is low cost and flexible.

Upgrade Your Image – Give your business a dedicated phone number with a service that scales with your team.

Save Money – Get a professional phone service up and running in seconds, with an affordable low cost monthly package designed for your growing business.

For Personal

Never regret giving out your telephone number again.

NumberFLY provides the extra phone number that forward to your existing phone line. This powerful simple layer on security prevent unwanted calls and texts from ever appearing on your phone again.

Your Cell Phone Number is PERSONAL!

If looking for a date online, socializing, or purchasing a car, there are certain times your cell phone number shouldn’t be shared. When you’re buying or selling something on Craigslist, shopping at a department store, or just picking up some groceries, giving out your NumberFLY phone number will keep your personal number private.

Need a Phone Number? NumbeFly is the Solution.

Add a multiple phone numbers to your existing cell phone and use the powerful tools designed to give you control over all the different ways people contact you. Enjoy doing this without ever giving out your personal number.

Get a local phone number or toll free number in minutes with zero hassle.

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